Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews (2017 Guide)

Cycling is an easy, fun and environment-friendly sport. What I like even more about it is that it helps you stay fit by strengthening your muscles, and increases endurance while doing what you enjoy the most: paddle. But there are weather changes that can stop you from cycling like in winters when it is too cold to go out or summers that can kill your enthusiasm with the harsh heat, or when I just don’t feel like going out but still want to cycle. In such a situation, a bike trainer comes in as a savior. Fitness equipment designed to help you build stamina while staying in the comfort of your home; it forms one of my favorite workout routines.

Bike trainers have been gaining popularity across the world due to its lesser space requirement, limited investment and impressive results. Also, with its easy lock-technology that lets you lock the rear wheel and offers great resistance similar to outdoor training, these trainers are a gift to all those fitness lovers who like indoor workouts. A lot of times when I am not able to go outdoors to finish my routine, I hop on to this mad machine that makes you sweat like anything.


Best Indoor Cycling Trainer#1 (Cycleops Trainer)


  1. Progressive fluid resistance: The trainer employs a hydraulic fluid to provide resistance, which increases with proportionally with cadence and gear. It is also influenced by speed of cycling.
  2. Noise-free: The most important feature of fluid trainer is that it does not create much noise and thus lets you workout for a longer period of time. This also facilitates a smooth and undisturbed workout which is easy on you and your family.
  3. Lifetime warranty: The Company provides a lifetime warranty of the trainer which makes it convenient for the customer to get any piece repaired or returned in case of poor performance.
  4. Smooth functioning: Nobody likes spending money on one & the same thing time and again. This is what makes this trainer a winner due to its long age and wear proof body which is not damages easily due to its strong build and stability.
  5. Non-rusting: The high strength metal composition makes it resistant to rust and thus increases its age from a short life to long 10-15 years. Also, it is easy to maintain and does not require much maintenance cost after buying which makes the product more trust-worthy.


  1. Unmatched after-sale service: As per several customers, Cycleops is known for their excellent after-sale service as they have exchanged or repaired faulty parts even after years of use. The most thing of this whole process is that the same is done with well-guided assistance and is free of hassle which makes your buying experience a memorable one.
  2. Road-like stimulus: The trainer can also provide outdoor like stimulus which as per several customers is even difficult than real road conditions to cope and has helped them increase their stamina and endurance to a large extent without letting weather create any hurdle in their training.
  3. Easy set-up: It is extremely easy and convenient to set-up the trainer without any guidance. The assembly instruction booklet further helps customers learn about various features and their use in order to set-up the machine and lock the tire in minimum time.


  1. Noisy unit: A noisy unit can ruin your entire experience of working out and turn it into a nightmare. While most of the customers say that the unit creates no noise while installation, some of the people tell that after regular usage for over two years, some parts of the trainer started creating noise. Though the same was replaced by the company in no-time without any hassle, this is something people noticed and felt must be shared with others planning to buy the equipment.
  2. Poor assembly instructions: The assembly manual is meant for all the customers across the globe; hence, the context should be presented in an easy to understand format and language. But few customers felt that the instruction guide could have been edited to present the matter in a more relevant way. Though after giving in some time, it did not take long to assemble the unit as per the instructions and to start working out.
  3. Affordability: The trainer is a little expensive for those looking for season options and who do not like to cycle indoors on a regular basis. Being on the higher side, the pricing of the product may appeal its audience to regular indoor cyclists who are looking for professional sturdy equipment.


All in all, customers rated Cycleops fluid 2 trainer at 4.5/5 stars and it emerged out as one of the most popular and long lasting indoor bike trainer due to its excellent metal constitution, progressive resistance and stable frame. While the trainer is priced higher than many other trainers available in the market, its supreme quality and features cannot be overlooked at any cost.


Best Bicycle Trainer#2 (Magnet Steel By FDW)


  1. Multiple resistance settings: This trainer comes with a spree of features. The most important of these features is that the trainer has five different internal resistance settings which can be altered with your handle bar in an easy and convenient way. These resistance settings can also be used depending upon the kind of exertion to be done through the workout.
  2. Progressive magnetic resistance: The trainer employs a magnet which produces resistance while pedaling. The resistance increases with the speed of pedaling and can also be changed using gears. It also provides various stimuli to introduce a road-like feel to your workout and make you sweat to the core.
  3. Foldable: The best thing about using a magnetic trainer is that it can be folded after your workout is done with and hence, does not consume much space. Aimed to provide people with the comfort of working out at home without consuming too much space, the unit can be installed at the time of workout and then folded back.
  4. Sturdy frame: The solid construction of the trainer adds to its strength and provides it with a sturdy frame that prevents you from falling-off during a workout irrespective of your weight. It also provides stability while working at higher speeds and gives you the confidence to keep pushing farther.


  1. Easy assembly: The unit is easy to assemble and install, and is delivered in a semi-assembled form which can directly be taken out and restored and put to use in no time. One of the key strengths of this bike trainer is that the makers have tried to keep it utterly simple and easy to use without complicating anything much that can take up your valuable time and stop you from working out enough.
  2. Affordability: Another important factor because of which this trainer is on everyone’s wish list is that it is designed keeping in mind the budget-buyers and is hence, extremely affordable. With a little investment, getting the comfort to workout at home without letting your routine be affected by seasonal changes, this is a must buy for all those people who love staying fit and cannot give it up at any cost.


  1. Noisy: Some of the customers feel that the unit is a little noisy for use and can create a disturbance in your workout. Though using the suggested tire can reduce the noise created; this trainer available at such a steal-worthy price cannot be left for anything.
  2. Manual adjustment: Another problem faced while using a magnetic trainer is that it requires you to manually lock the rear tire in the trainer which can consume a lot of your time. For this, a little practice is required and once mastered, it will hardly take you 10-minutes to lock the tire in position and start your routine.
  3. No quick-release skewer: The bike trainer does not come with a quick release skewer, which makes it difficult to lock and release the tire and to decide to what point the tire should be spun in order to achieve maximum resistance and proper alignment. But after using the equipment for some time, it is easy to fix the tire in the trainer and kick start your routine.


This piece is a favorite because of its multiple resistance settings, affordability and ease of use. The same is proven by its customer rating which is high at 3.9/5 stars and clearly indicates the value delivered at such an affordable price. Also, the after-sale service is another factor that keeps the product from losing its customers.


Best Cycle Trainer#3 (Conquer)


  1. Stable frame: The heavy construction of the trainer provides you with a stable frame which does not lose balance while working out. Also, the use of high quality composition materials imparts strength to it that results in durability and a long age. Hence, this product lets you workout at ease and makes you sweat without losing your mind. The wide frame provides a strong grip that doesn’t fail to impress you with its comfort which is reliable and trust-worthy.
  2. Progressive magnetic resistance: The trainer employs a magnetic coil to pose resistance to the athlete while working out. The resistance increases with increase in speed and can also be changed using gears and cadence. It provides you with various stimuli like road, hills, and mountains to give you that road-like feel while staying indoors.
  3. Front wheel riser included: The trainer comes with a front wheel riser which is essential to life the front tire and align the bike in position for a proper workout that can push you to do more and increase your stamina and endurance. In case of not using a front wheel riser, the bike will sit in an uncomfortable position that is difficult to ride and will only pose discomfort.
  4. Quick-release mechanism: The trainer employs a quick-release mechanism to lock and free the rear tire of the bike. It is easy, convenient and time-saving as it is hassle-free and anyone can do it without much time-consumption.


  1. Foldable: The trainer does not occupy much space and is aimed to provide space optimization as it can be folded once you are done with your workout routine. Also, it can be carried along while traveling or easily transported on folding due to its small size and easy packaging.
  2. No noise: This magnetic trainer is one of those which is known for not creating any noise and thus lets you live a comfortable life without disturbing your inmates. Noisy equipment can not only disturb your fellow members but also make your workout painful due to the unnecessary loud sound. Most of the trainers are known for being noisy but this one being an exception makes it a steal as a noise-free routine can only motivate you to push yourself harder and achieve more.
  3. Easy installation: Another benefit of using Conquer magnetic trainer is that it can be easily installed in no-time and doesn’t require much effort or training to do it on a regular basis. Since the trainer is foldable, setting up the bike in the trainer on a daily basis can become a grueling process if the installation is time-consuming; but this not being the case with Conquer bike trainer only makes things easy and enjoyable.
  4. Affordability: Another important factor that makes this trainer a favorite is its price. Due to its affordability and features like no-noise, this trainer is a must have for all those who do not want to give up their routine due to the changing weather.


  1. Not enough resistance: Some of the customers feel that the trainer does not provide enough resistance, while this is arguable depending upon what stimulus one is looking at what stands true is that the resistance increases with the speed of pedaling and can also be changed by shifting gears., this is an excellent buy for people looking for a healthy routine.
  2. Tire requirement: The trainer requires road tires which are thicker than the usual bike tires. Using tires with silent tread work better with this trainer as they produce no noise. Another factor to be kept in mind is that it requires bike with quick-release mechanism to lock the rear tire. In case your bike doesn’t have one, it can also be locked using a skewer but may require a little more time.


The trainer emerges as a winner from customers with a fantastic 4.3/5 stars which speaks volumes for itself in terms of performance and functioning. An excellent equipment to build your stamina and endurance, buy it now to start working out without letting any weather change affect your routine and fitness.


Best Bike Trainer#4 (RAD)


  1. No noise: Designed using the state of the art technology, the trainer employs an ultra-quiet magnet to produce resistance which is noise-free and smooth in functioning. It is designed keeping in mind the modern-day requirement of low-noise to meet the society norms and also help fellow inhabitants of the place to live with peace, without any disturbance.
  2. Sturdy: The metal frame of the trainer adds to its strength and creates impeccable balance. The frame is also robust and rust-free due to its superior metal composition and can survive weather changes without any extra maintenance. It is also popular for sleek yet glossy look and smooth finish which adds to the charm of the equipment.
  3. Durability: RAD magnetic bike trainer is known for its long age and damage free constitution, owing to use of the best materials for its construction, to ensure that the product delivered meets the customer’s expectation and makes their experience of using a magnetic trainer for indoor workout a happy one.
  4. Portable: Indoor workouts can become troublesome if the equipment requires a large set-up area but this is not the case with RAD magnetic trainer. This trainer is extremely portable as it can be folded and kept in a corner once you are done with your workout and thus help you save space. For people looking for space optimization, this is one of the best options available in the market due to its light-weight construction to provide ease in folding the trainer. Also, it can be easily transported on folding without putting in any extra efforts.


  1. Easy installation: The equipment is sent in semi-assembled form and can easily be set-up without any hassle. The instruction guide further helps you to arrange everything in order without creating a ruckus. Anyone in the family, from a child to an elderly person can easily install the equipment and use it without any discomfort.
  2. Affordability: The major strength of this equipment is its price, which makes it everyone’s favorite who is looking to buy a budget bike-trainer. While the product itself functions well, the pricing adds to the charm of the product and makes it a steal. A great option for budget buyers and beginners, there is nothing much one can dislike about this product.
  3. Progressive resistance adjustment: The trainer provides magnetic resistance which increases proportionally with your speed of pedaling and on changing the gears. It also provides several stimuli to introduce road-like feel to your workout and make it more real.


  1. Noisy: Some of the customers feel that the unit turns noisy if the right tire that fit well in the trainer are not used and can make it difficult to carry-on your routine on a regular basis. While some customers say that the noise may get so high that it can become difficult to listen to your TV show or music, others feel that it is the best product being delivered in this price range and works fine when used with the right set of tires which hardly cost $10 – $15.
  2. Locking mechanism: The trainer comes with a quick-release mechanism and thus requires bikes which can accommodate the same on their rear tire. For other bikes which cannot entail this facility, a skewer needs to be used to lock the tire which can arguably take a lot of your initially until mastered. Though the same customers also reveal that once learnt, it hardly takes 10-minutes to lock your tire and enjoy a workout that can help you build stamina, strength and endurance.


As per customers, this magnetic trainer is a great buy for its price section and lives up to people’s expectations with a favorable rating of 3.9/5 stars. A little noisy but it can be fine-tuned by using the right tire and can help you maintain a regular fitness routine which is independent of changing weather at the comfort of your home while watching TV.


Types of Bike Trainers

With the increasing demand for bike-trainers in the market as a result of growing awareness for fitness and following a healthy lifestyle, several options are being introduced in the market for people to choose from depending upon their requirement, cost, and comfort and storage space needed.

Some of the popular options are:

  1. Wind: This is the most basic type of bike-trainer placed at the introductory level. It is cost-effective and a good buy for all those planning to start a regular routine but do not want to invest much in the initial phase. The bicycle’s back wheel powers a fan which in turn poses resistance to the wheel. As the speed increases, the resistance offered increases proportionally. Though it is the most cost-effective bike-trainer at entry level, the noise caused as a result of increased resistance may pose difficulty while working out. Additionally, not many adjustment options are available which limit its use to lightweight endurance training.
  1. Magnetic: This type of bike-trainer incorporates a magnetic flywheel which produces fixed resistance which is independent of the speed of cycling. A change in resistance can be achieved by shifting gears or by making manual adjustments. This bike-trainer does not make much noise and is cost-effective; though manual adjustments to change resistance can take up a lot of your time & energy. The resistance can be used to simulate various difficulty levels like hills, roads or intervals. It is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly trainer without giving up on comfort in terms of noise; though resistance settings can appear to be tedious in the beginning.
  1. Fluid: One of the most popular and effective type of trainer, fluid trainer employs silicon to provide outdoor-type simulation by increasing resistance with the speed of cycling. The resistance offered by fluid bike trainer is closest to outdoor cycling conditions and can offer resistance for hills, intervals and road. Fluid bike-trainers are known for providing the best simulation which is similar to outdoor condition though it may burn a hole in your pocket as it expensive in comparison to wind and magnetic bike-trainer. Another benefit of using a fluid trainer is that it automatically varies resistance without any manual adjustment.

Thus, based upon the requirement and budget, a bike-trainer can be chosen that is pocket-friendly and can help in achieving the purpose of building strength and endurance. Another factor that should be kept into consideration is comfort, which should not affect the usage in the long-term owing to manual adjustments. Hence, following these guidelines, a suitable bike-trainer can be bought to help stay fit and live a healthy life.


Features To Look For

Following are some important features that should be looked for while buying a trainer:

  • Sturdy: The strength of equipment forms its value to the user. Therefore, make sure that the trainer you plan to buy has more of metal constitution than plastic. This will not only increase the strength and the load capacity of the product but also increase its life from a short 5 years to an impressive 15 years!
  • Locking point: The method required to lock the wheel in the trainer should be checked beforehand. Going for a quick-release mechanism that lets you easily slip in and release the wheel without putting in much effort unlike those where you keep on locking the wheel for endless time to achieve the perfect alignment is recommended.
  • Platform Stability: Another important feature to look for in a bike trainer is the stability of the platform as it determines the pressure that it can withhold without creating any imbalance. It is also important because the more the stability and area of contact of trainer with the ground, the more resistance it can offer while training. Thus, make sure whichever trainer you plan to buy it is strong enough to hold the momentum and does not lose grip resulting in a fall. Even if the platform is small in size, it may topple over while cycling or reaching out to catch the water-bottle kept on the table.

Tips on how to use a trainer effectively to achieve the desired results:

  • Clear the space: First and the foremost step before you start training is to find a space where you can train. The space should be clean, clutter-free, free of disturbance and spacious enough to easily accommodate the trainer, and your entertainment source while training.
  • Make-a-plan: It is always better to be clear in terms of goals you plan to achieve through training. These could be in terms of building strength, stamina or endurance. Referring to the following link may help you know what all results can be achieved through bike training.

  • Strategy: Another important aspect that needs to be defined before getting on the bike is to know how much to sweat, at once. Getting on the bike and stressing you by doing endless rounds in the beginning itself can be tiring and hence cause fatigue. Thus, setting your expectations clear from the routine is a must for achieving long-term goals. I generally recommend training for 90 minutes and taking a short break in-between before starting off the next round for professionals; for beginners, starting off with 15-20mins of workout on a regular basis should set the ball rolling.
  • Hydrate yourself: Maintaining a healthy fluid intake is essential to ensure that you don’t get dehydrated. Irrespective of how many fans or air conditioners are operating on your head to maintain the temperature, you must maintain regular fluid intake to prevent dehydration during your training sessions.
  • Get a fan or two: Indoor cycling can get tedious if no proper arrangement is done to maintain the right temperature. I suggest using a fan at a distance of 8-10 feet from your trainer that can keep the air moving and help you work-out.
  • Set the mood right: Indoor training can become monotonous and boring if the mood is anything but fun. Putting on the right music will help you go an extra mile and boost your confidence to help you achieve more.
  • Learn the drill: Using a trainer may look like child’s play but getting the job done may turn out to be a different story altogether. Learning the proper technique to assemble the whole system in place, with accuracy, is a must to achieve the desired results and more importantly, to avoid accidents.

Bike Trainer vs Spin Bike

With the increasing awareness towards fitness across the world, there is a pressing demand for introducing innovations that can provide outdoor like conditions at home and help people stay fit.

One such option that provides resistance similar to outdoor conditions is bike trainer, wherein one can lock their cycle and continue working out without letting weather change affect your routine. A more important factor to be considered while using a bike-trainer is that it offers you various simulations like road, hills which can be automatically or manually adjusted depending upon the type of bike-trainer being used. Although, people may find it a little uncomfortable to manually lock the bicycle or to make adjustments, bike-trainers are known for providing real-like resistance. They are also available in various price ranges that help people choose the right product based upon their requirement and purpose.

Spin bike is another indoor workout machine which is more automatic and popular for offering dynamic change depending upon the mood and stamina of athlete. The resistance offered by a spin bike may not be similar to the resistance offered by a bike-trainer, but its ease of use makes it an equally good option which is worth buying while looking for an indoor workout regime. The stamina and endurance that can be built using a spin bike depends upon the time put in by the athlete and the difficulty level faced. It is expensive than bike-trainer, which makes it a viable option for limited number of users.

Depending upon the requirement and considering all of these factors, one can choose the right indoor workout product that can help them stay fit by building endurance and stamina.


Bike Trainer Workouts

In the modern times, there is an emerging need for staying fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Cycling, for instance, is a popular method to stay fit while doing something you enjoy. But weather changes such as winters can have an ill-effect on your training and force you to break your routine. To solve this problem, bike-trainers have been introduced that let you cycle at home similar to outdoor cycling and have let me achieve results even better than outdoor training.

With a small set-up requirement, bike trainers are capable of offering workouts that are similar to outdoor conditions in terms of resistance and difficulty-level. Bike-trainer workouts are also popular for helping people continue practicing irrespective of weather changes and build endurance and power with constant effort. Workouts comprising of rigorous training with pre-determined breaks are helping people achieve more in terms of fitness.

Some of the popular bike-trainer workouts are as follows:

  • Tabata Intervals: Believed to be one of the most grueling and time-efficient workouts ever designed, it is named after Japanese physiologist Izumi Tabata. This interval workout focuses on pedaling for shorter intervals at higher resistance that can help increase the anaerobic capacity of the cyclist by up to a remarkable 28%.

Routine: The workout starts with five-minutes of easy spinning followed by 20seconds of sprint on increasing the tension or gear ratio. This should be followed by a 10second passive rest. The workout comprises of eight such sprints of 20seconds followed by a 10-minute passive rest.

On following the given instructions properly, one can find himself breathing faster than ever which also signifies the difficulty level of the simple looking workout and thus increase your VO2 max (maximum volume of oxygen) by up to 14%.

  • Lactate threshold test: This is one of the most powerful and effective workout used to determine the endurance of an athlete. Lactate threshold is the intensity at which lactate, a secondary muscle fuel is produced faster than it is consumed.

This workout is one of the most difficult workouts ever and is believed to tire any trained athlete in 60-minutes. Thus, for starters, a 20-minute workout can be followed slowly increasing the durations of the workout with time as the endurance and stamina is built.

Routine: Start your workout by a simple warm up of 10-15minutes. Thereafter, ride the bike as fast as you can for next 20 minutes so that you don’t have to slow down once the time is over and don’t build fatigue. To measure your lactate threshold use a bike-trainer that has inbuilt power-meter.

Note down your average power output for the 20-minute max effort. Lower this number by 5percent to determine your lactate threshold. For e.g. if your average power output comes out to be 180, then your lactate threshold output would be 180 X .95 = 171.0.

This test can be used to check your strength on a regular interval of 6-8weeks.

  • Wattage hold: This is one of the most dynamic bike training workouts as it does not have any pre-defined intervals for cycling but it lets the athlete decide how long do they wish to continue. Recommended for all those who get bored of set routines due to their monotonous nature, this is also an extremely effective workout to build strength and endurance.

Routine: Select a wattage that you think you can sustain for a maximum duration of five minutes. Ride easy for the initial 30-60minutes and then slowly increase the intensity thus moving to your target wattage level. Keep riding unless you feel you cannot extend the routine at that level from five to six minutes. Stop the workout at this level and next time aim at continuing at this level for a minimum of six minutes.

This workout can be done once every two-three weeks to witness increase in endurance without any external help.

Thus, following any of these workouts as per the given guidelines can help you increase stamina and endurance like outdoor cycling.


Bike Trainer Benefits

Indoor cycling or bike training has been gaining popularity across the world for its obvious benefits. Apart from offering similar comfort and resistance as outdoor cycling, bike trainers are also popular for requiring limited space, no huge investment and help achieve long term goals. With some of the popular athletes recommending bike trainers, there is a huge demand in the market for this simple machine that lets you ride at your own comfort and work-out at ease of home.

Some of the other striking benefits of using a bike-trainer are:

  1. Convenience: This is what forms bike trainers everyone’s favorite for letting people work-out at their home without worrying about external weather; while you enjoy your favorite music playing loud in those speakers. Also, it does not require any natural lighting for the simple reason that while you cycle indoor, you can lit the room as bright as you want. You also don’t have to schedule a specific timeline for working out on a bike-trainer as you can do so easily whenever you feel like while watching your favorite TV show or listening to your daily dose of music.
  2. Weight loss: A regular bike-trainer routine can help you achieve impressive results without giving up too much. A daily 50-70 minute routine can help you lose weight in no time without having to go out or undergo weight training. While cycling is more of a sport, its use as a calorie-burner can help you get a suave body that’s fit and fancy.
  3. Build stamina and endurance: One of the most important aspects of bike-training is that it helps you strengthen your muscles and thus build endurance and an everlasting stamina. Starting from a 15-20 minute workout to move to a 70 minute workout helps you build endurance naturally over a period of time without building fatigue. This also prevents you from any injury that can be caused as a result of heavy-duty workout routine.
  4. No prior training required: Bike-training does not require any formal training or knowledge; though duration and form of workout can be worked out as per your stamina and time-availability. Another benefit of bike-training is that it saves you all the investment that needs to be made while enrolling for a gym and the strict regime that follows thereafter.
  5. Simple regular routine: Bike-training is nothing different from outdoor cycling except that it gives you the perks of working out throughout the year without affecting your routine with changing weather. Simple routine that’s easy to follow and maintain, can give surprising results if practiced regularly. There is a plethora of information available on various routines that can be done using bike trainers as described in the link given below:

So now you can start working out with the ease of your home without giving any excuses and achieve all those results that you have been dreaming of, without being lazy.


Bike Trainer Accessories

Setting up a system comprises of clubbing a lot of products together in order to put the best layout on display or for use. Same is true for bike-trainers, which require accessories to be used in order to achieve maximum output while following the routine.

Apart from finalizing a space in the house where the system can be set-up, there are a lot of accessories needed to let the bike-trainer help the athlete achieve his best without any stress. Some of these bike-trainer accessories that can help you achieve more than directly using just a trainer are as follows:

  1. Trainer mat: Indoor training can create extremely hot temperatures, which can make you sweat to the core. While sweating during workout is a good thing, the marks left on the floor are nowhere close to looking nice as it can make your space look dirty. But this should not stop you from achieving your targets and sweating; thus one of the prime essentials for those using a bike-trainer, a trainer mat not only soaks your sweat without letting those hard sweaty salt stains set in the floor but also helps you keep the workout area clean and organized. After working out, you just have to wipe the mat to clean it without creating a mess. Another important factor is that it saves your time and effort to clean all those tiring salt stains of your sweat, which just won’t fade.
  2. Bike sweat guard: Indoor training can take a toll on your bike as rigorous working out can make you sweat hard and thus leave stains that are not easy to remove. In such a condition, when you are working out and sweating, worrying about the bike can stop you from focusing on the workout. Therefore, using a bike sweat guard is suggested which can protect your bike from getting tough stains by covering the bike and thus eliminating the need to clean it regularly. This can also help keep your bike dust-free which is again important to ensure that the time invested is being used in the right direction to increase endurance and stamina.
  3. Riser: Bike-trainer lifts your rear tire thus leaving the bike in an awkward position. Since the front tire is still touching the floor, cycling is not possible as the bike is imbalanced due to its odd position. Using a phone book will also not help much as it is a temporary solution and may not provide the required support. Thus, using a riser to lift the front tire is suggested as it can well-align the front and rear tire and keep the bike in position and under control to help you focus on your workout without any disturbance. Risers are available in different ranges and the one by Kinetic is considered to be best in the market due to long age, material and competitive pricing.
  4. Trainer tire: Bike-trainers can ruin your regular bike tire by posing heavy resistance and also damage it. Unless the bike is old, you wouldn’t want to damage the rear tire. Also, to achieve maximum resistance and your best performance, it is essential to employ a tire designed especially for bike-trainer as it will provide a better fit and resistance and hence more comfort while cycling. Another benefit of using a trainer tire is that it slips in easily as these are designed specifically for bike-trainers unlike the regular bike tire.
  5. Heart-rate monitor: This is equipment that lets you witness your own growth by monitoring your heart rate over a period of time which changes with your endurance and stamina. There are three levels of heartbeat which are reached depending upon your capacity, strength and endurance built as a result of constant hard-work. The monitor helps you witness your growth and thus boosts your confidence to achieve more and raise the bar for yourself. Another important fact is that it makes you independent of all other tests to measure your development and lets you know the same right while working out without any pain.
  6. Bike computers: This is a unit that monitors and indicates your speed, heart rate and next milestone that can be achieved. Over a period of time, you can witness your growth without needing any outer help to measure the same. Also, it prevents you from exerting yourself by guiding you to set achievable milestones and improve your fitness through regular workout.
  7. Skewer: This is another important accessory required for locking tire in the trainer to ensure a strong grip and prevent any possibility of falling-off. It also ensures that the bike is well-aligned with the trainer and is adjusted to the final tread to ensure a smooth and easy workout that can make you sweat. This is especially required for all the bikes without quick-release mechanism.

Brands: There are multiple brands offering these accessories but Kinetic is popular for its high-quality products that last for long time and excellent after-sale services. Though the products are a bit expensive but their durability makes it worth the price.

Thus, using the above mentioned accessories, you can set-up an efficient layout that will help you achieve your best and build stamina and endurance. Available in a vast range in terms of price and quality, one can choose a product as per their requirement and budget and make the most of it by being consistent and stay fit.

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