Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Review

If an indoor cycle can’t make the ride worth it, it’s not a good deal. This is why Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle is your ultimate ride which is not only your fitness companion but makes riding much more fun. Want a little me time on your favorite bike?
It’s a known fact that bikes are your ideal friend when you want to shed those pounds and enjoy the process. There’s nothing that sets the mood right than having a kickass bike to ride on. Are you ready to get on the saddle?
This one comes with contact heart rate sensors which make it a great option for those who are taking on the pedal for health concerns. Add to that 4 heart rate programs and you’ve got your Diamondback Fitness! If you are a heart patient, enjoy the 4 cardiovascular programs which allow you heart rates and enjoy a safe training session.


  1. Know your body: This cycle comes with a blue backlit LCD screen that clearly displays the entire data related to your fitness. So from calories burned to the time, heart rate and distance, the LCD screen shows it all. This makes it doubly easy for you to know what you are really up to. And when you know the calories you are shedding, this ultra cool machine boosts you to do better.
  2. Know your heart rate: The handlebars come with ultra-sensitive heart monitors. So if you are a heart patient or anyone in the family is, you can easily use the machine and keep a track of your heart rate fluctuation. So while you are exercising, you know that your heart is in a safe place.
  3. Comfort at its best: This is one of those bikes which are known for thick, padded handlebars so it’s extremely comfortable to ride. Often riders feel the saddles are too stiff for comfort but in this one, they are thickly padded as well. There are multiple adjustments to place the seat just the way you want it. You can adjust it according to your size and comfort.
  4. Personalized fitness level: So what happens when you have a bike that comes with 16 resistance levels? What’s more? You can adjust these levels as per the fitness level you want. And you won’t feel like you are only riding on one terrain. In fact, for those who are pro at biking, you can choose between 14 workout programs that offer the feel of different types of terrain from mountain to hills and there’s something for everyone.


  • Battery-free display: The bike has a really wide console which makes it attractive and easy to understand so you do not lose time on trying to read the workout details. And the best part is its battery-free display which works just when you pedal. This means, you don’t have need a battery to keep this going, the motion of pedals will power up the console. This saves you cost and cable issues.
  • Can Bear Heavy Weight: It can withstand up to 300 pounds of a user’s weight easily. This is great option for overweight users who are looking forward to losing kilos within weeks. And the durability of the machine is commendable.
  • Easy to assemble: It’s quite simple to put Diamondback 510Ic together. It’ primary parts are already set up so there’s less trouble. The maximum you will take is some 30 minutes to build this up. For everything else, the booklet that comes with the bike is quite elaborate.


  • The Diamondback 510Ic is a great package with only one drawback. The machine is quite heavy which means long lasting and steady but also is a pain to move around if you are living on rent. For those of you who keep shuffling, this wouldn’t be a great model. Since the computer controls the magnetic resistance, one little power failure, the advantages go for a toss.


The bike has garnered an excellent review of 3.9 stars from 56+ customer reviews. Regarded as “Strong & Stable” by most users, the bike is available at Amazon. Buy it today and avail free shipping! Overall, the machine is a great buy for someone looking for a steady and sturdy model. For those who are looking forward to losing some serious kilos, this is the perfect machine to buy. And the best part—the machine comes at a really affordable price than most other competitors in the market.

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