Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer Review

What if there was a way you could rebuild your traditional air bike and turn it into something more sturdy and sexy to fit the modern day requirements. Welcome to the world of Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer. The model combines the use of a traditional Air bike and the features of a modern spin bike to make it more suitable for fitness freaks.
When you want a complete body workout, this bike gives you just the right structure and model. After all, when you can have a bike that combines all the great features of a few workout machines, why wouldn’t you want it?


  1. Cross fit workout: The bike is structured in a way that it provides you with both upper and lower body exercise. For those who want to work out on their arms and biceps, this is actually a great option to select. As you move your arms while pedaling, you are not only losing kilos but are also moving your entire body into an exercise frame.
  2. Fitness Programs: The bike comes with a number of interesting programs like Tabata, Watts, Heart Rate and Intervals which help you set a fitness goal and get to it. These are modules that keep your weight and workout session under a constant check and you know where you are headed with the entire training. You can actually ask your professional trainer and seek advice on which module will work best for you.
  3. Maximum resistance: Every bit of the model feels like it’s committed to perfection. The bike comes with a 25 inch diameter steel fan. This gives your bike maximum resistance. For those of you who love bikes and are committed to exercising every day, this is a great feature. The resistance makes the bike tougher and more fun to ride on.
  4. Custom fit: As mentioned before, the bike combines the features of traditional air bike with modern day technology—so the seats can be moved simply by up and down adjustment, but the new adjustment is the fore and aft. Unlike in its traditional models, this one gives you the ability to make exact adjustments according to your body frame to ensure everything is aligned well. This is especially for ones who think they are too short to reach the handles or they are falling too close to their chest or legs. A perfect something for everyone in every frame size.


  • Clear display: This is one of the best features that most other bikes lack. This model comes with great LCD display. In fact, the technology itself offers a wide array of display images with large buttons that provide you with quick access to the on-board programs. So you don’t really have to stop your workout in the middle to check or adjust your regime. The screen is sleek and clear.
  • Strong and tough: This bike comes with a thick-gauge chro-moly steel. This makes the bike really tough and increases its durability manifolds. And then you have more than 20 sealed cartridge bearings which make it really tough. This makes this bike an ideal model if you want something you don’t have to maintain really. This makes it popular at military base, campus and the gym.
  • Most parts are preassembled: This is the one feature this bike proudly boasts of. It comes in a compact way and can be assembled within minutes. This usually takes much less time in comparison to its counterparts as this bike comes with most parts put together already.


The only issue you might face is that of the seat which is not as great as the entire bike is. For those who like something tough and sturdy, this is a good option, but won’t come with those comfy cushioned seats. The bike is made for commercial use and hence the design.


Want something that is futuristic? Don’t want to change your exercise machine for years to come? Lifecore is your answer to everything. Not promising it to be a head turner and definitely not for the weak hearted, the bike is an epic example of a riding bike personifying strength.

Called the “Best Cardio machine” by its users, the bike has garnered a great response getting 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 47+ customer reviews. Its strength will amaze you. But if you are looking for something relaxing and lavish, this may not be a great option.

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