Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review

Not every day do you come across spin bikes that satiate our appetite for something that fits the need of a regular gym enthusiast. If you have been looking for a bike that suits you perfectly well so you can actually do the entire workout at home, Sole Fitness SB700 is a great option. This is a bike that comes with 48 pound flywheel which makes it exceptionally smooth and sturdy.
As for the knob, the bike comes with an adjustable resistance, this mimics actual riding and makes riding easier and your workout sessions can be tailored every time you think you need a smoother ride. That’s not it, the bike actually comes with a variety of features that make it a great purchase.


  1. Adjustable resistance: This is a stationary bike that comes with 48-pound flywheel and a turn-knob which can be adjusted to suit the rider’s needs. This means that you can manually fix the resistance level as and when you want. Even as you ride, you can simply twist the knob to suit your needs.
  2. Wide display: This model is known for its integrated backlit LCD console. This offers you everything from speed, time to Kcal to help you understand your work regime better. You can easily change or increase the tempo, resistance and the pace of your ride according to the number of calories you want to lose.
  3. Safe to use: The bike comes with a one of a kind compatible wireless chest strap which helps you monitor the heart rate as you ride on. This is really important when you have a heart patient at home. For those with heart ailments, doctors often ask them to keep a regular walk routine, and if you’ve found it hard to keep it over the years, now is the time. It’s completely safe.
  4. Great warranty: Now this is something you won’t easily find in other bikes. More so, most brands do not really offer claims like lifetime warranty on frame. But this one does. As for the parts and electric aspects, you have a warranty of three years. What more can you ask for.


  • Highly Adjustable: Be it the heavy flywheel turn that is extremely smooth and makes no noise, or the seats and handlebars that both go fore and aft and up and down, there’s so much to love about the bike. You can easily adjust the handles and saddle according to your preferences. All you need is to just know how to make the bike perfect for your body type.
  • Reliability: This is not your regular bike with easy to move structure. This is strong. It’s a model that can be used for commercial purposes and a lot of people who want to supplement their outdoor biking regime pick this for its perfection. Even if you are doing climbs on it, it won’t wobble at all.
  • Affordability: When you are getting all these features at affordable rates, what more can you ask for. This a model, every bit worth buying. It comes with great cage pedals and two places to hold water bottles, giving you the feel of riding outside the house. And all this at a price is quite affordable.
  • Compact: If you are short on space, this bike is a good option. And despite its great size, it can carry easily up to 300 pounds which makes it a great choice for those who want to lose some serious kilos. In fact, the bike weighs a lot so you needn’t worry about it wobbling as you ride it.


The bike is heavy and for those who have issues like knee injuries or any other, this may not be a great option. More so, if you are forever on the move and want something handy for that purpose, this bike won’t suffice your need. You will only regret buying it as dissembling it and shipping it back would also mean a great effort.


A perfect option for the fitness freaks out there who want something compact for many years. The model is so strong it won’t fail you for years. But if you prefer shorter, lighter versions of bikes, this is not something you would want to put your hands on. A great purchase, overall, at an affordable cost. It’s not for nothing that the bike has 4.1 stars out of 5 from 109+ customer reviews.

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