Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

How many times have you wished for an indoor cycling bike that was more than just a machine? When you want to work out without resistance, you need something that comes with a flywheel at a slightly higher number. That’s Sunny Health and fitness Pro Indoor Cycling bike for you. It comes with a 40 pound flywheel which means you ride much smoother even when you are wheeling on zero resistance, unlike other bikes which become too lose and easy on zero resistance.
And then you have bikes that look all plush and amazing but when you actually get to use them, the mechanics are too complicated to follow. This isn’t the case with Sunny. It is one of the simplest bikes you’ll come across and a great option at affordable price.


  1. Sturdiness: When you are looking for something heavy duty, this is it. For those of you who are involved in serious workout sessions and want a bike that’s tougher on the body and gives you a complete exercise module, go with Sunny. It has a heavy duty crank and the bike is extremely smooth. When you want something tough and less squeaky, this is your choice.
  2. Adjustable: Everything from the handlebars to the saddle is quite simple to adjust. The bike comes with transport wheels which make the maneuvering process quite easy. In fact, you have options like adjusting the seat front back and up and down and that too without making much effort. This makes it easier to operate and it matters not what size or height you are, you can easily adjust them just the way you want. Likewise, for the tension on the wheel and the break.
  3. Great support: If you thought that bikes only came for those under certain number of pounds then this model will surprise you. It can stand up to 275 pounds and is an excellent little something for those wanting to shed those kilos. More than that, its size is ultra comfortable for any size and shape user. It is 20 inches wide and around 46 inches high. This makes for a really comfortable model in terms of the model’s structure.


  • Easy to assemble: If you had trouble putting together the last bike you got, this one will surprise you. To begin with, it is not just comes with a really easy-to-assemble parts, its central structure, along with the flywheel comes assembled, so you don’t have to do anything there. All you need to do is put together the basics like the seat, handlebar, pedals and the bottom system of support. All tools included to complete assembly plus simple instructions.
  • Great resistance: Even when you tighten the pedals, there will be no sound that irritates in most other models. The model works really well in terms of resistance. You do not have to look elsewhere for that perfect cardio workout anymore. This bike offers you all the strength you need.
  • Affordability: These days, it’s a task to find a bike that is priced at such a rate and is a perfect model at the same time. The rate is quite affordable in comparison to other bikes in the competition market. When you don’t want to splurge a lot and want something just for a perfect work out session at home, this is a great buy.


The one problem you might face is that of the saddle. It can be uncomfortable for some who are looking for something too perfect and cushiony. This bike is clearly meant for those who are looking for something tough and sturdy. However, replacing the saddle to suit your need and taste is always an option. If you replace the saddle with something cooler, you are sorted.


The bike has garnered excellent reviews with 4.3 stars from 1068+ customer reviews. Need we say more? Overall, a perfect bike for those who like something tough and are looking for a great workout session but if you want something more luxurious and with many features, this is not the option to pick.

What’s great is that the bike is really tough and at the same time, not too heavy. You can easily move it around and put it in any place you want. Add to that, simple features and mechanism that is really easy to understand. All this and more in this amazing bike.

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